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Trade Credit


We love receiving books for credit, and our policy is all about supply and demand. While we don't purchase books outright, we're more than happy to help you exchange your treasures. Due to our cozy space, we might only be able to shelve one copy of a book at a time, but we promise
it will be in good company.


We're all about quality here, so we kindly request that the books you bring are in acceptable condition – no bugs, water damage, mold, or missing covers, please! We also prefer books that are in one piece and not falling apart.


As for textbooks, we don't accept them, but when it comes to non-fiction, we take each one on a case-by-case basis. If we can't offer credit for your books, we happily donate them to local charities, unless you specify otherwise
on your credit slip.


The amount of credit you receive depends on the market value of the book, so you can rest assured that you're getting a fair deal. Want to donate your store credit? Pay it forward by sharing to our Local Teachers Account. Thanks for sharing your love of reading with us!



Paperback books may receive a credit of up to 25% of our selling price. Our paperback fiction selection begins at half the market value, giving you great value.


Hardcover non-fiction enthusiasts can also snag up to 25% of our selling price in credit. Please note that our acceptance of hardcover fiction is a bit limited due to our cozy space.


As for our delightful puzzles, they also offer a credit of up to 25% of our selling price. And just like our paperback fiction, our puzzles start at half the market value.

What Can Trade Credits be used for?

Good news! Your Trade Credit is here to stay, and it won't ever expire. You can use this credit to grab some fantastic USED books. We apply credits to cover up to half the purchase price of a book or puzzle, making your adventures even more affordable and enjoyable. Just a quick heads-up though: this credit can't be used for new books,
special orders, or treats at the cafe.

Happy reading and saving!

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