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We are currently accepting used paperback and hardcover gently used books for trade credit.  All books are thoroughly inspected when they are checked in.  Sometimes this means we are not able to check them in for trade credit while you wait.  Depending on customer volume, we may ask you to leave your books for processing.

We are not able to accept books that are water damaged, moldy, without covers or falling apart.  At times we may refuse a book if we have too many copies of it. 

Paperback books may receive a credit of up to 25% of our selling price.  Amount of credit is based on condition, age, how many copies we have on hand and the demand for the book.

Hardcover non-fiction books may receive up to 25% of our selling price.  Hardcover fiction books that are available as a paperback will be credited based upon the selling price of a paperback book.  Hardcover fiction books that are currently not available as paperback, will receive credit up to 25% of our selling price as a hardcover book.

What can Trade Credits be used for?

Trade credit is good towards the purchase of any USED book in the store.  Trade credit cannot be used towards the purchase of NEW books, First Edition books, Vintage books, non-book items or for café items.


Trade credit may be used for half the purchase price of a book.  If the purchase price of a book is $10.00, you can use your available trade credit up to $5.00 towards the purchase of the book, and your payment would be $5.00 plus tax.