Trade Credit Program

We accept books for credit based on supply and demand.  We do not purchase books.  Due to space limitations, we may not be able to shelve more than 1 copy of a book at a time.  Books must be in acceptable condition, no evidence of bugs, water damage, mold, without covers or falling apart.


We are not currently accepting text books or cookbooks.  Books not accepted for credit are donated to local charities unless otherwise noted by customer on credit slip.

Paperback books may receive a credit of up to 25% of our selling price.  Amount of credit is based on condition, age, how many copies we have on hand and the demand for the book. Our paperback fiction books are priced at 1/2 of the original selling price.

Hardcover non-fiction books may receive up to 25% of our selling price.  Hardcover fiction books are accepted on a limited basis due to space limitations.  Amount of credit is based on condition, age and demand for the book.

What can Trade Credits be used for?

Credit will accumulate in your account and does not expire.  Your Store Credit can be used towards the purchase of USED books.  It CANNOT be used for new books, special order books or the cafe.  Credit will be applied up to 1/2 of the purchase price of a book.  For a $4 book, you could use $2 in credit and pay $2 plus tax for the purchase.