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A Little About Us

New owners David and Leslie have been residents of Sebastian, FL since 2000. You may remember us from our bead store in Wabasso. One of our favorite things to do was meet friends for coffee (ok, cappuccino for Leslie and coffee for David) at Books, Bagels and Beans (formerly Squidley’s Books). When we learned it was for sale and in danger of closing, we bought it so it wouldn’t close. Besides, David said Leslie couldn’t buy any more books unless she had someplace to put them.

Our Belief

It is our firm belief that Sebastian needs a spot for people to meet with friends and hang out. And maybe have a cup of something to drink or a nosh.

Our Goal

Our goal is to provide a comfortable place to choose a book, have something to eat or drink and meet with your friends. Or make new friends. We are working on keeping the books as up to date as possible. The café is expanding to bring you Organic choices, with Gluten Free and Vegan offerings as well.

Forward Thinking

What do we plan to add in the near future? Smoothies, Cold Brew Coffee on Draft, Kombucha on Draft and who knows what else. Feel free to view our menu or stop by and see how we can serve you! 

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